[FR] Vanderborght

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1. Overview

Fl. 1883-1901 Fonderie Typographique A. & F. Vanderborght. 1901-1940 A. Vanderborght & Dumont. Brussels.

Google Books has digitized but not yet (2011) released several specimens from this foundry through 1940.

An as-yet-unidentified (by me, that is) article identified by Google Books as being from the "American Printer and Lithographer", vol. 79 (1925) but probably therefore The Inland Printer and available only via snippet view says: "In 18.35 [sic] it became the Fonderie MJ Vanderborght, and produced, among other faces, a series of Elzevir. M. Domont joined the organization as an apprentice boy and in 1901 it assumed the firm name A. Vanderborght and Dumont."

2. Advertising

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1883. Advertisement

A full-page ad which appeared in the December 1883 issue of the Bulletin de l'imprimerie et de la lbirairie. Digitized by Google Books.

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