[Weimar Republic, ... FRG] Wagner

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1. Overview

1919-? Founded as NorddeutscheSchriftgeißerei, 1919, Berlin. Moved to Ingolstadt 1949.

Paul Duensing notes that the materials of the Weber foundry were "divided between D. Stempel of Frankfurt and Johannes Wagner of Ingolstadt near Munich." { Duensing, Paul Hayden. "Metal Type: Whither Ten Years Hence?" Fine Print. Vol. 11, No. 1 (January, 1985): 20 }

I need to sort out the history of Johannes Wagner, his father Ludwig Wagner (firm of Ludwig Wagner?), his brother (also) Ludwig Wagner, and their foundries.

An online source (unverifiable, so uncited here) suggests that the Johannes Wagner foundry was acquired in 1972 by Arnold Dröse and that its rights are currently owned by Manfred Dröse (Lettern-Service Ingolstadt).

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