[UK] Wood, Miles

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1. Overview

ca. 1892 - ? Hackney Wick, north-east London; later Leicester.

My sole source so far for information on this company is { Wallis, L. W. "Legros and Grant: The Typographical Connection." Journal of the Printing Historical Society. No. 28 (1999): 5-39. } Wallis describes the firm primarily from the point of view of Lucien Alphonse Legros' involvement with them. To summarize his research:

From ca. 1892 in "Hackney Wick north-east London" as Wood, Miles & Co. Typefounders and makers of typecasting machinery and matrices.

Refinanced in 1908 as Wood, Miles & Co. Ltd. Then in 1909 reorganized into Wood, Miles & Co. (1909) Ltd.

In 1910, the firm was divided. The typefounding business continued under the name Wood, Miles & Co. Ltd. Wallis believes that the engineering side of the business was purchased by Lucien Alphonse Legros to form the works of Grant, Legros & Co. Ltd.

The typefounding business continued "for many years thereafter."

In 1908 they advertised for sale a do-it-yourself kit for electroforming matrices ("matrice electrotyping and justifying outfits") {Wallis, p. 33}

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