Harold Berliner's Type Foundry

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1. Overview

[dates?] Nevada City, California. Harold Berliner (1924-2010).

Monotype composition. Typefounding. Photopolymer plate service.

An advertisement by this foundry for Monotype composition services appeared in { Fine Print. Vol. 11, No. 1 (January, 1985): 75}

In a "News of the Shop" announcement from 1992 (see below) , Berliner mentions in passing that he had acquired the matrices of [E. H. (Pat) Taylor's] Out of Sorts Letter Foundery

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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Monotype Composition Faces. (1984)

A specimen of (mostly English?) Monotype faces available for casting composed work. It is, it says, "largely based on [a specimen] issued in the 1960s by the Monotype Corporation Ltd" (reproduced with permission). It is notable because it contains excellent analyses of the typefaces written by Beatrice Warde ("with a number of additions made in 1984 by Mr. John Dreyfus").

This specimen is still in copyright and therefore is not reproduced here.

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Types We Can Make. 3rd Ed.

3. Advertising and Ephemera

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[News, Zapf Civilité Specimen]

In 1992 (mention is made of the ATypI conference in Parma (which was 1991) as having been "last year") the Typefoundry produced what appears to have been a mailing which contained at least the following: (1) A single sheet (2 pages) of "News of the Shop" which announced Zapf Civilité cast from Duensing's matrices, a new [third] edition of "Types We Can Make," and recording in passing the acquisition of the matrices from [E. H. (Pat) Taylor's] Out of Sorts Letter Foundery. (2) A prospectus for a Third Edition of "Types We Can Make." It indicates that much of the material in it will be reproduced from either Monotype Digital publications and Lanston Monotype publications. The prospectus also offers photopolymer plate service. (3) A specimen of Zapf Civilité, cast from Paul Hayden Duensing's matrices.

These items are still in copyright, and therefore are not reproduced here.

4. Typefaces

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Zapf Civilité (Duensing)

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