[UK] Joseph Leigh

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1. Overview

fl. ca. 1665 - ca 1675.

Founder's London A-Z, p. 12 gives an approximate location where "Joseph Leech or Leigh" was in 1665. Reed (p. 166) notes that "Joseph Leigh (or Lee?)" officiated at the annual Feast of the master and journeyman printers of London in 1675.

Davis & Carter (p. 358) observe that in 1669 the four licensed typefounders were Joseph Leigh, Goring, Head, and Nicholls, and that by 1675 this list had been reduced to Leigh, Goring, and Head.

Moseley, James, Justin Howes, and Nigel Roche. Founder's London A-Z. London: The [European] Friends of the St. Bride's Printing Library, 1998.)

Reed, Talbot Baines. A History of the Old English Letter Foundries. London: Elliot Stock, 1887.

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