Starr's Type Foundry

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1. Overview

circa 1812 - circa 1817. New York. Formed by three of the Starr Brothers: Richard Starr and James Fosdick Starr, taking Edwin Starr (late of White's Type Foundry into partnership). One of their customers was D. & G. Bruce, who were at that time printers wanting to become stereotypers. The Bruces experienced difficulties in purchasing high spaces and quads for this (recall that at the time type didn't look quite like modern type; it was planed away on the shoulder and used with low quads and spaces so as better to make a deep impression in soft paper; the recesses in the typographical printing surface so created were a problem for plaster stereotypes). The Bruces provided capital for Starr; Annenberg indicates that the foundry was for a time called "Bruce & Starr" (p. 114). Sold circa 1817 to D. & G. Bruce. { Annenberg, 230} (so the foundry's materials must have gone to Bruce, not to the next Starr foundry ( Reich, Starr & Co.)). Edwin Starr went on to the Boston Type Foundry. Richard Starr went on to the Reich, Starr & Co. James Fosdick Starr (d. 1833) seems to have gone on to a career as a stereotyper (Annenberg p. 115).

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