Gorton P1-2 Pantomill, s/n 41,693

2-D Pantograph Engraving Machine

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For several years I've wanted an industrial-scale pantograph engraving machine so as to be able to experiment with making typefounding matrices. A few weeks after receiving Richard Kegler's film Making Faces documenting the work of the late Jim Rimmer in the pantographic engraving and casting of matrices, I finally did something about it and acquired a Gorton P1-2 pantograph engraving machine. This machine is at least as capable as the Taylor-Hobson pantograph used by Rimmer in the engraving of his working patterns.

Of course, an engraving machine requires cutters, so see ../../../ Machine Shop -> Cutting Tool Forming and Sharpening Notebook, and more particularly, within that, Gorton Cutter Grinding Machines.

See also the Notebook on the Gorton 375-4 Cutter Grinder, s/n 103,789, at CircuitousRoot.

Because pantograph engravers are so often used as lettering machines, and because I first acquired mine for the (related, but distinct) purpose of making matrices for typefounding, I put the pantograph literature reprint section in ../../../ Typefounding, Lettering, & Printing. See there Pantograph Engraving Machines, and especially the Gorton Pantograph Engraving Machines Notebook.

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Serial Number and History

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Fun with 3-phase.

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Belt Tensioning

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On effective use and the respect of craftsmanship.

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